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An analysis of industry relevance of acquired project management skills within a University of Technology

Master of Technology Business Administration in Project Management in the Faculty of
Business at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2012 / The purpose of this study is to investigate the understanding and awareness of Project
Management graduates regarding the soft and hard skills of Project Management,
specifically the application of these skills in the successful outcome of projects. The research
participants for this study were BTech Project Management graduates from CPUT.
This study investigates the perceptions of the critical cross-field outcomes of the BTech
Project Management programme in association with the Project Management Body of
Knowledge (PMBOK) with regard to hard and soft skills.
As Project Management continues to grow as a discipline; it is becoming more evident that
success of the role of project managers cannot be attained with technical skills only. Hard
skills are being recognized as one of the minimal requirements for a project manager. A
need for excellent interpersonal or soft skills are necessary conditions for success, and
although some would disagree, others advocate that these are skills that can be taught and
learned rather than skills that are innate or genetic.
Considerable effort has been made in the area of hard skills processes, tools and
techniques. Project Management methodologies are being developed and improved, but still
a large number of projects do not deliver. Apart from hard skills, research in the area of soft
skills is promising. A range of soft skills attributes required by project managers has been
Good Project Management requires not only knowledge of and the ability to apply technical
or “science” skills, but also the softer “art” skills, which include human behaviour and
Applying the right balance or mix of art and science, which will vary for different projects, is
key to successful Project Management.
Date January 2012
CreatorsEigelaar, Andries J
PublisherCape Peninsula University of Technology
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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