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A proposed performance management system for the greater Stellenbosch Municipality

Thesis (MTech (Business Management))--Peninsula Technikon, 2003. / This dissertation sets out to develop a Performance Management System for the
Greater Stellenbosch Municipality. It is proposed for use as a unit of analysis. The
system provides a framework for determining developmental priorities and
identifying the appropriate resources. The system monitors progress and
simultaneously serves as an instrument that maintains municipal accountability for the
delivery of its core developmental functions.
Internationally, an infinite number of research projects in the field of performance
management and best practices for organisational performance have been undertaken
for local authorities. This includes a range of terms extending from the 1950's, known
as benchmarking, to the current context where the balance scorecard has been put on
the performance agenda. The emphasis for increased and accountable performance of
local authorities is currently on the foreground, because local authorities are now
responsible for executing duties in the form of developmental outputs.
Date January 2003
CreatorsJansen, D. E. F.
ContributorsDavids, G. J., Paulsen, S. L.
PublisherPeninsula Technikon
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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