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The usage of quality management to improve customer satisfaction

A dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Business, Cape Peninsula
University of Technology, Cape Town, in partial fulfilment of the
requirements for the Degree Magister Technologiae in Business
Administration. / The different opinion about customer satisfaction amongst academics and practitioners is useful
in gaining broader understanding of the term customer satisfaction. This study anchors its
definition of customer satisfaction on three main drivers: (1) product’s knowledge such as
emotional or cognitive, (2) consumption experience and (3) the response after consumption.
Although, this definition departs from market expectation of companies’ production and marketing
orientation, it certainly forms the base for concerns about the need for product quality that now
drives companies’ quality and competitive strategy.
This study evaluates the usage of quality management to understand management perception of
product quality and its relationship with customers’ satisfaction and competitiveness. This
evaluation used survey research method to collect empirical data from 110 respondents randomly
selected from manufacturing companies based in Cape Town.
The data received were analysed using descriptive statistic, presented in tables and charts to
understand and describe respondents’ perception of the usage of quality management for
improved customer satisfaction. The finding shows that quality, management was used to improve
satisfaction of customers.
Date January 2014
CreatorsTsafack Dongmo, Celestin
PublisherCape Peninsula University of Technology
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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