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Retention strategies of technical graded employees at Transnet

The recruitment and retention of personnel plays an important role in assisting organisations to adapt and remain competitive, thus ensuring their financial sustainability and becoming a leader in the market. It is also a crucial element in assisting organisations in reaching their long and short term goals. The employment and retention of highly skilled employees is a costly exercise and staff turnover impacts negatively, not only on a financial level but also on the organisation as a whole. The immediate implementation of specific strategies that ensures the recruitment and retention of these employees will guarantee a reduction in employee turnover thus ensuring organisational competitiveness. The purpose of this study was to investigate the organisational factors impacting on employee retention at Transnet Freight Rail (TFR). The population group for the study included 34 TFR employees from the G graded salary scale. The response rate for the questionnaire was 100% with the Likert scale instrument consisting of 27 questions divided into two sections: Section one explored the demographic profile of the respondents; Section two focused on getting responses on the five organisational factors impacting on employee retention namely: organisational association; monetary compensation; work satisfaction; work enrichment; career development. The following research design was adopted: Step 1: A literature review was conducted to determine the various organisational factors impacting on employee retention. Step 2: From the literature review the researcher structured the research questionnaire. Step 3: The results of the survey were analysed and interpreted. Step 4: Conclusions and recommendations were done.
Date January 2014
CreatorsHuman, Ricardo Ronald
PublisherNelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeThesis, Masters, MBA
Formatxii, 91 leaves, pdf
RightsNelson Mandela Metropolitan University

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