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The stimulation of innovation advantage through autonomous intrapreneurship at Federal Mogul Sealing Systems South Africa

In the rapidly evolving organisational landscapes of today, the quest to grow or sustain competitive advantage demands that organisational practices become more innovative, hence innovative advantage. Globalisation and technological advances drive the necessity for innovation within organisational contexts and the resultant rapid pace of change demands that organisations adopt an intrapreneurial orientation to accommodate this need for innovation. South African organisations, in particular those within the automotive sector, are faced with both unique opportunities and threats as a result of the increased impact of globalisation and the resultant open markets in the post-apartheid era. Programs offered by governmental institutions for this industry sector, such as the Motor Industry Development Programme (MIDP), as well as widely promoted systems such as those engendered by continuous improvement and benchmarking to achieve excellence, are successful only in attaining uniformity and incremental improvements and one-dimensional thinking methodologies. The quest for innovation advantage requires increased creative activity to assist individuals within these organisations in adopting an intrapreneurial outlook to provide proactive solutions. The literature survey has revealed that top-down controls and centralised decision-making as provided by corporate entrepreneurship, is the antithesis of intrapreneurship. Intrapreneurship is thus an autonomous process. Federal Mogul Sealing Systems (FMSS), an automotive component manufacturer within the Eastern Cape served as the basis for this study. A detailed literature review was conducted and a questionnaire was drawn up and distributed in an attempt to assess the three prevalent elements for the creation of innovation advantage through intrapreneurship as reviewed in the literature survey. The three elements were: individual intrapreneurial traits, organisational barriers and enablers of intrapreneurship and the influence of precipitating events on intrapreneurship. The research was conducted and recommendations were made based on the objectives of this study in relation to the organisation under study, FMSS.
Date January 2006
CreatorsMorgan, Beverley Ann
PublisherNelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeThesis, Masters, MBA
Formatxiii, 119 leaves, pdf
RightsNelson Mandela Metropolitan University

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