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Challenges on the employees perfomance in operations and productivity environment: a case for Khumani mine / Nkge Joseph Masego

This dissertation defined employee performance and the challenges experienced
by each individual employee during the operation setting. All the factors such as
the conditions, tools used and understanding the setting are being researched.
Despite this, the clear multidisciplinary approach, the field of performance
management has developed from diverse origins. Different measurement and
management techniques and approaches have developed independently.
Personnel (or HR) have been concerned with managing the performance of
people. Performance management from these disparate disciplines has begun to
converge and recognize the need for integration into a multidisciplinary approach
to managing performance.
The management discipline which most often associates itself with the term is in
Human Resources. Performance management is often associated with the
management of the performance of people. However, in the HR field the best
practice emphasizes the contribution of people to the achievement of
organizational performance. From the HR field Armstrong and Baron highlight the
importance of performance management being strategic, integrated (vertical,
functional, HR integration and integration of individual needs), concerned with
performance improvement and concerned with development. Performance
management should be integrated horizontally across the organization;
The performance being managed should reflect the requirements, wants and
needs of all of the key stakeholders of the organization and not just reflect a
limited set. Performance management should be integrated vertically linking the
strategies and objectives of the organization to the execution of activities which
will enable their achievement. Explicit understanding of linkages across the
vertical and horizontal integration (e.g. through success maps) enables
consideration of conflicting priorities and trade-offs that need to be made in order
to achieve overall objectives. The performance monitoring, review and action
planning process should be structured around the strategic performance
objectives of the organization. / Thesis (MBA) North-West University, Mafikeng Campus, 2013
Date January 2013
CreatorsMasego, Nkge Joseph
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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