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The challenges faced by principals in the implementation of school policies in high schools / Letty Senna Motlagomang

Various research reports have indicated that principals are faced with a great challenge
in the implementation 9f school policy. It is also indicated that the principals are not
succeeding in overcoming these challenges.
The main aim of the study was to investigate the challenges faced by principals when
implementing school policy.
The literature review on challenges faced by principals on policy implementation has
been reviewed. The focus was also on policy making at international, national and
local levels. The literature review stated and described various challenges, such as
late-coming, absenteeism, school vandalism, and the disciplinary that school
principals can employ. The literature revealed that the principals have long been
experiencing challenges on the implementation of school policy.
Research design (both qualitative and quantitative) and methods were outlined in chapter 3.
Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics through the use of Statistical Packages
for Social Sciences (SPSS 1.5 version) and interpreted in chapter 4. In the light of the
findings of this research, it was found out that indeed principals do experience
challenges in the implementation of the school policy. The study also revealed that
factors such as learner late-coming, absenteeism, bunking classes, being disruptive in
class, leaving school without permission, disrespecting and threatening their teachers
and other learners, smuggling tobacco and drugs to school and carry dangerous
weapons are a great concern.
Chapter 5 entails a summary of the findings and recommendations were made which
will enhance the practical application of school policy. It is recommended that:
• The principals should be workshopped and trained on implementation of
the school policy. This implies that proper measures need to be
implemented to assist or empower the principals to cope with challenges
they face in the implementation of the school policy
• Principals need to regard consultation as a priority. They need to consult
with all the stakeholders pertaining to the implementation of the school
policy. Consultation should be given priority in the light of Batho-Pele
• A healthy environment is needed in the school to enforce discipline. It is
recommended that good relationship should prevail among all stakeholders
within the school to encourage team work and create an open supportive
climate in which a conducive and clean environment will prevail.
• The Department of Education of Education should supply schools with
learners support materials. When the schools have enough learner support
material, learners will also be disciplined as they will be kept busy.
There fore, all the departments in the school need to ensure that there is
sufficient support material in their departments. This will help instill
discipline in the classroom.
• It should be clearly stated that every learner will be held accountable for
his or her behaviour; to change ill-discipline, punitive strategies should be
clearly communicated to the learners. / Thesis (M. Ed) North-West University, Mafikeng Campus, 2012
Date January 2012
CreatorsMotlagomang, Letty Senna
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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