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The role of school management teams(SMTs) in school-based management in the Moses Kotane East area office (AO) / Christopher Kgothe Molefe

The quality of teaching and learning is the first priority of the Department of Education and Training.
School Management Teams are responsible for quality of teaching and learning. For them to improve the quality of teaching and learning effectively and efficiently, they should he able to manage their roles and functioning successfully.
School Management Teams need to assist the educators in imparting the knowledge they have to the learners. This will happen only if School Management Teams are trained and inducted in their roles and functioning. They are responsible for daily management of activities in the school. They should understand departmental policies and Acts to enable them to perform their duties well with confidence.
A literature study and empirical research were undertaken and the role and functioning of School Management in School-Based Management were explored. A number of their roles were explored.
Qualitative in-depth interviews formed the basis of the empirical research. Finally a consent analysis was used to categorize and evaluate data.
The findings revealed that SBM is widely followed throughout the world especially in developed countries including South Africa. The role and functioning of School Management Teams under school based- management has become more important in providing the professional leadership required to provide positive learning environment.
Recommendations in this study showed the need to train School Management Teams on their roles and functioning. An induction programme for newly appointed School Management Teams is viewed as ideal. Workshops are recommended for both School Management Teams and educators. The study finally identified areas where further should be done. / Thesis (M. Edu Management) North-West University, Mafikeng Campus, 2013
Date January 2013
CreatorsMolefe, Christopher Kgothe
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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