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An investigation into employee perception on the role of motivation in perfomance appraisal : the case of Mintek Company / Tlhalefo Petterson Moyo

This dissertation investigates the employee perception on the role of motivation in
performance appraisal at Mintek. It highlights major problems of the current
performance appraisal system) delineating the weakness and pitfalls of the current
performance appraisal system. Performance appraisal can be a good way for
organisations to boost employee's motivation and hone their competitive edge.
However creating useful performance appraisal and making sure they are used
effectively throughout an organisation is not easy. After a review of the literature
relevant to performance management systems both over time and across different
types of organisations, this dissertation confines its research to Mintek. The relevant
literature has been visited and served as a secondary data that add value to the
dissertation. Collation of the relevant data is followed by a discussion of the employee
perception and the role of motivation in performance appraisal. The relative lack of
research on employee perceptions on the role of motivation is the primary impetus of
this study, which advances this important, but neglected research area by investigating
potential predictors and consequences of role of motivation and perceptions with
performance appraisal. The sample was drawn from Mintek employees who were
cooperative in the execution of the study. As a result of this, the research on the
subject has moved beyond limited confines of measurement issues and accuracy of
performance ratings and has begun to focus more on motivational aspects of
performance appraisal. The performance appraisal are intended to enhance overall
organisational performance. unfortunately ongoing problems with performance
appraisal can create challenges in trying to study relationships between individual
performance and organisational performance. The findings of this study revealed that
there is deficiency in performance appraisal supervisors are not properly trained,
performance management system is not efficient and supervisors do not show
concern. Mintek should improve its method of performance appraisal based on
managers and supervisors knowledge and number of dimensions being appraised;
look at the conclusion and recommendations made in this dissertation. / Thesis (MBA) North-West University, Mafikeng Campus, 2010
Date January 2010
CreatorsMoyo, Tlhalefo Petterson
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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