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An evaluation of the Mmabana arts, culture & sports foundation's leadership team / Memorie C.J Herholdt

The aim of the study was to evaluate the leadership team at the Mmabana Arts,
Culture and Sport Foundation (MACSF). The study focused on leadership and
creating an understanding of their own strengths and developmental areas, in order to
understand the role they can play within a leadership team, how other members of a
team can compliment them with their strengths and for them to get greater awareness
of their impact on their subordinates, the rest of the management team and the
organisation as a whole. The aim was also to inform personal development. in so far as
the leaders now understand what their development areas are.
The overall approach used in the stud) was quantitative in nature and involved survey
research using the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (SHL). The target
population consisted of identified employees who ere fulfilling leadership role in
MACSF. The study was also conducted organisation wide at ever) Mmabana Cultural
Center (Mmabatho, Head Office, Lehurutse, Taung and Tlhabane). Non-probability
sampling was used; more specifically, availability sampling was utilised in which the
researcher made use of all the available subjects due to MACSF's small size. The
effective sample size was a small 39.
The findings of this study revealed that a comprehensive investigation into the
effective leadership and management competencies within the MACSF confirmed the
descriptive hypothesis that certain elements within MACSF's leadership structure is
underdeveloped and that specific remedial actions would be required to rectify the
situation. This descriptive research found that many employees in managerial
positions indicated no real concern or preference for leading other employees as they
are indeed artists who would like to continue specialising in their specific art form. It
was also found that personality preferences needed to be amazing artists, are in stark
contrast to what is needed to be an effective administrator/manager. This, coupled
with no formal training in financial management or management, leads to ineffective
administration/management. It was also found that the past hardships which the
Mmabana Foundation has been through, has taken its toll on the employees. Low
levels of caring, trusting and optimism, coupled with high levels of stress and an
inability to switch off after work, were found.
The researcher recommends personal and professional development interventions,
focused on business relation skills, which includes amongst others Strategic Planning,
General Business Management, Project Management. Communications techniques,
Monitoring & Evaluation, Financial Management for non-financial managers and
Human Resource Management with the focus on Performance Management
Development Systems and Asset Management at the beginning. It is also further
proposed that the leadership team does team building activities where MACSF's
strategy is defined, action plans are drawn up and a focus towards external
competition (rather than departments/units competing against each) is created.
Finally, better communication channels between management and staff, as well as
between the Head Office and all the centres, should be used , as this can also assist in
creating a unified Foundation. / Thesis (MBA) North-West University, Mafikeng Campus, 2010
Date January 2010
CreatorsHerholdt, Memorie C J
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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