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Development of a framework for assessing the impact of risks on information tehnology projects.

M. Tech. Business Information Systems Tshwane University of Technology 2011. / In the last decade, the deployment of information technology artefacts to enable and support processes and activities in organisations has increased tremendously. Organisations deploy information technology artefacts in different ways, but primarily for competitive advantage. Hence emphasis and resources (human included) are invested on information technology by many organisations. The deployment information technology artefacts are often carried out through projects. Irrespective of the size of the information technology project, there are potential risks associated to it. Risks associated to information technology projects are often not technical. Some of the risks are relative to the context in which the project is initiated and deployed. Over the years, the challenge to identify, assess and manage risk in information technology projects has become an increasing concern for many organisations. Many approaches and methods have been employed to address this challenge of risks identification, assessment and management. Unfortunately, the challenge persists. This could be attributed to the fact that there has been more focus on the technological aspect of the deployment. The research was aimed at understanding the sources of risks, and how they manifest themselves in the deployment of information technology projects in organisations. The research focused on how risk factors impact and influence information technology projects. This was done through examining how risk is identified, monitored and managed in information technology projects in organisations.
Date January 2011
CreatorsSehlola, Petronnell Delile
ContributorsIyamu, Tiko
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish
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