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A customised total quality management framework for schools

Research has revealed that many of the historically disadvantaged schools in South
Africa experience difficulty in implementing policies aimed at restoring the quality of
teaching and learning. The difficulty has been attributed to several factors such as
poor conceptualisation and implementation of quality management systems at school
level. This article reports on empirical research that investigated the possibility of applying
Total Quality Management principles in schools for the purpose of restoring the
culture of learning and teaching. Data was collected through qualitative and quantitative
methods in selected schools situated in the Tshwane North District. The findings
revealed that there is a gap between what is provided in the policy framework on the
management of quality teaching and learning. It is recommended that in order to fill
the gap, schools need to apply customised principles of Total Quality Management.
The primary aim of this research was to develop such an integrated framework that
is not only theoretically sound but that has been customised for schools’ contexts and
Date04 August 2010
CreatorsRampa, SH
PublisherUniversity of South Africa Press
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish
RightsUniversity of South Africa Press
RelationSouth African Journal of Educational Studies

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