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An assessment of information systems supporting procurement reforms in the Eastern Cape provincial government

As part of the on going financial management reforms, the South African Government introduced the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Framework. Since 2004, The Eastern Cape Provincial Government embarked on a process of ensuring that procurement reforms wrought by the advent of SCM are seamlessly ushered in. Information Technology (IT) and systems are a sine qua non in supporting the implementation of the SCM Framework. However, IT does not operate in a vacuum. Many other factors complement, supplement and influence the objectives sought through the use of Information Technology and systems. It is the confluence of this factors that eventually will determine that success or failure of using technology to support procurement reforms in government. The research investigates the factors affecting the success of the Information systems underlying SCM in the Eastern Cape Provincial government. Data for the research was gathered using a questionnaire administered to all Eastern Cape Provincial Government departments. The research borrows from Heeks’ ITPOSMO model in assessing SCM and Information Systems structures and processes and gauging their state of readiness to embrace procurement reforms envisaged through the SCM Framework. Because of the importance of having a strong IT functional unit in any government department, the study highlights IT issues that typically confront IT managers, especially in the public sector. Heeks’ ITPOSMO model emerges as a sufficient framework for identifying gaps that currently exist between the reality and perceptions on the readiness of IT to adequately support government procurement reforms. The dissertation concludes that the success of the system is dependent not only on the technological component of the system, but also on other factors.
Date January 2008
CreatorsBosire, Samuel Mobisa
PublisherUniversity of Fort Hare, Faculty of Management & Commerce
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeThesis, Masters, MPA
Format58 leaves; 30 cm, pdf
RightsUniversity of Fort Hare

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