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The cognitive journey of psychiatric patients on a rehabilitation programme

M.A. / The line between the postmodernism and modernism is largely unbridgeable. The line between left and right sides is also division. Sometimes there is a narrow and rapid point of crossing, and then it is gone. Modernism and post modernism are only alike in their sharing of a common semantic. The line is a division in thinking. Both sides are isolated by the lack of a significant bridge. The line also signifies that there can either be one or the other way of thinking, the two cannot exist on the same page - but they do. And they do it in life, too. Psychology has, by it's very attempts to prove itself a science, isolated the individuals uniqueness and connection with other humanity, by inadvertently developing a therapeutic stance of separateness and isolation. What makes this doubly sad is that psychology has rationalised that this is not the case. The right side of the text speaks clearly of human input, and pro-active contact on a physical and caring level, and the residents grow. The left hints at what might be the case, because it is, after all, only a theory. The research conducted looks good, but may not be correct... No theory will put itself on the line. The right side is on the line every second of every day. Lives are being built here. By sitting and reflecting at a person, in a 'therapeutic environment', the person is immediately isolated from any human social interaction or input. By studying the individual and his behaviour with a view to dissect cause, effect and totality have become victims. The person of needs be must become 'abnormal'. He becomes different, an anomaly. Then both himself and the community scream for an end to stigmatization. This text is a metaphor for the conflict experienced between being humans and psychology. There are many other ways to view this text.
Date11 September 2012
CreatorsUre, Gale Barbara
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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