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Convergence of logistics planning, execution and measurement on outsourcing

M.Com. (Business Management) / Logistics Service Providers are becoming increasingly involved within their client’s businesses. Beyond just providing vehicles and buildings, logistics service providers are now also becoming involved with the knowledge-type work that is connected to the traditional services provided. LSPs are also becoming better integrators of supply chain functions and are offering an increasingly vast basket of services to clients that can be configured in a way that adds value to the client. The research presented in this paper looks at the theoretical impact that converged planning and execution functions have on business success as well as a view of how selected IMPERIAL Logistics client organisations perceive the impact of increased integration of IMPERIAL Logistics within their businesses. The research viewed the integration of planning and execution in two ways:  The impact of a supply chain partner integrating their business functions with that of the client organisation.  The integration of the tasks of planning and execution under a single arrangement. The impact of integrated planning and execution functions for the client organisation was found to be improved long term commitment and alignment in terms of business operations and relationships, better communication, more integrated planning and decision making, better usage of systems to streamline the process as well as a focus on core business whilst supply chain experts handle their core business, which is planning and executing supply chain functions.
Date05 May 2014
CreatorsD’Amato, A.A., Kgoedi, S., Swanepoel, G.
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish
RightsUniversity of Johannesburg

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