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'n Model van organisatoriese kommunikasie

M.Com. (Business Management) / Communication is the focal point of the enterprise. It is central to the control and survival of organisations, and is a prerequisite to effective management. Consequently it can be stated that communication pervades'the total managerial process, integrating the managerial functions and linking the enterprise with its environment. The present study set out to define the concept of communication and to develop a theoretically sound model of organisational communication with the objective of providing a frame of reference for future research. A literature survey was conducted during which the concept of communication was traced from its semantic origins through to contemporary interpretations thereof. A subject as complex as communication is best approached through an in-depth, comprehensive observation from different angles and varying perspectives. The variables in the communication process were discussed, utilising communication models as a theoretical framework. In addition, the role of perception in communication was reviewed. Communication variants and the concepts of enterprise, organisational environment. organisational communication structure. formal and informal communication channels were discussed. This review and subsequent analysis served as the theoretical foundation for conceiving a model of organisational communication. The components of organisational communication are presented in a model of organisational communication. The framework of organisational communication advanced in this model is multidimensional; it presents the concept of communication not as an isolated phenomenon or a singular, purely idealised process, but as interrelated constituent processes that operate at varying levels of complexity. Finally, a comment is made on the actuality of the organisational communication model and a multitude of research opportunities are indicated.
Date13 November 2015
CreatorsDu Rand, Leon
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish
RightsUniversity of Johannesburg

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