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Developing guidelines for implementing lean manufacturing of electrical transformers

M. Ing. / According to Taque (2005: 30), current lean manufacturing can be presented as ineffective due to a lack of guidelines for establishing and implementing the application thereof. In this project, guidelines for the implementation of lean manufacturing were developed using data collected from multiple sources. One of these sources were company visitations conducted at Desta Power Matla (DPM) in Johannesburg and Bosch SA in Brits. In addition, interviews were conducted with an expert in the field of lean manufacturing, ECSA-accredited professionals in the field, academics in industrial engineering and workers who use lean manufacturing. The significance of this study lies in assisting employees in understanding lean manufacturing production and then developing and implementing guidelines for its implementation. The study also brings to the fore the role of the individual worker in acquiring knowledge about and an understanding of lean manufacturing guidelines. This will ultimately enable companies to implement lean manufacturing production successfully. The results emerging from the data were used to develop guidelines for lean manufacturing production.
Date04 June 2012
CreatorsNdou, Ndivhuwo
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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