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Strategies to transform educational management styles in South African schools

M.Ed. / Change is inevitable. All aspects of life are all undergoing the process of change. Educational institutions are no exception to this phenomenon. The South African new found democracy has brought with it new educational policies through the South African Schools Act, which is in line with the international ways of management in schools. These new legislative policies compel schools to adopt new strategies that are prerequisite for changed and changing school climate. This study intends to find and recommend the success of schools applying the new paradigms of management styles where transformative strategies are enshrined within the leadership density and to give recommendations to the unsuccessful schools that are still logged in the old paradigms of top-down management styles. Through qualitative research, the researcher seeks to uncover the effect of these strategies in the management of schools. Research findings from this study suggest that: In schools where stakeholders sit in think tanks, opportunities are collaborated, there is culture where one mind polishes the other, there is guarantee that novel paradigms can emerge. This is a by-product of liberative management styles.
Date27 August 2012
CreatorsMosete, Mathabiso Cheryl
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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