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Network organisations : the net requirements that work!

M.Comm. (Business Management) / The objective of this study is to develop guidelines for management and all other participants in the transition process of turning a former Second Wave company upside down to be a flat, network structured, Third Wave company. It is a process where much guidance and support is needed in order to lessen the confusion on goals, roles, responsibilities and skills needed. Many theories and examples exist on all the aspects involved in Second Wave companies. The theories on Third Wave management are emerging everywhere, the examples are in the making, but not necessarily ready for reuse yet. This makes it very difficult for newcomers, who want to follow the footsteps of those before them, to form expectations of what might happen along the way to the new destination. The aim is to bring all these theories, examples and fears together to produce one set of guidelines that can help form the expectations involved and preparation needed for each step along the way to the goal.
Date13 February 2014
CreatorsPretorius, N.
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish
RightsUniversity of Johannesburg

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