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Die rol van die adjunk-prinsipaal in die verhoging van onderrigeffektiwiteit aan 'n tegniese kollege

M.Ed. (Education Management) / Lecturers at Technical Colleges mostly come from the industrial sector and consequently they seldom have experience in teaching or the necessary qualifications to teach. The lecturer who has no formal teacher's training is confronted with the realities of the teaching profession and has now become part of this profession. Lecturers very seldom receive training prior to actually practising the profession. Methods have to be found to provide in-service training for lecturers at technical colleges with the view of preparing them for their task as lecturers. with this study an attempt has been made to establish a workable program to assist the deputy principal in the in-service training of lecturers at a technical college. The rapid technological development of the past few decades has caused a breath-taking expansion of knowledge and therefore the lecturer must become a lifelong student. The constant change and renewal of teaching methods, skills and techniques can only be addressed by effective in-service training. In-service training is therefore indispensable. The task of in-service training at the technical college is assigned to the deputy principal. He must first determine the type of staff required, then he has to recruit and select staff and finally see to it that new staff members are orientated. This is, however, merely the beginning of in-service training. The deputy principal must now design a well-planned programme of in-service training. He can in this case make use of a mentor and a Subject-head. The mentor must be an experienced and successful lecturer, seeing that he has to convey his knowledge and teaching experience to the beginner lecturer. The subject-head can also play an important and valuable role in the initial in-service training programme by conveying knowledge and expertise concerning teaching practice to the beginner-lecturer.
Date25 March 2014
CreatorsNeethling, Siebert Ernst Jacob
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish
RightsUniversity of Johannesburg

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