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Employees' perception of the effective use of the performance appraisal system in a financial institution.

Although performance appraisals exist in most organisations, they are not implemented correctly. In many organisations the link between the performance appraisal ratings and the outcome is not so obvious. This has led to mistrust of the performance appraisal process by the users and the total process does not command the credibility it deserves. A summary of problems with performance appraisals systems and processes are as follows: Preparations prior to appraisal with staff are not adequate. Users of the system are not formally trained. Performance appraisal processes are often considered to be unpleasant and time consuming. The performance appraisal processes are subject to subjectivity. The rating scales and performance dimensions used in the systems are open to different interpretations due to lack of clear guidelines. / Prof. W. Backer
Date24 April 2008
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
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