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Techno-economic factors in uranium enrichment

M.Phil. / In the pricing of nuclear fuel, the cost of the uranium enrichment has the biggest portion. In addition, characteristics of enrichment technologies, the structure of the international market, and the balance of supply and demand are considered to be three main determinant factors for the cost of uranium enrichment. This study attempts to examine the determinant factors of uranium enrichment costs and to try to forecast the future trends of the price of uranium enrichment by examining the current market situation and present projections of uranium enrichment prices. The analysis indicates that while the development of the enrichment techniques allows the enrichers to produce with a lower cost, the structure of the market causes the prices to rise. Moreover, the supply and demand balance of the present market is very fragile and there is a need for an expansion in the market to make and sustain a stronger balance. It is the prediction of this study that the enrichment prices are likely to increase because of the reflection of the constructions of the new enrichment facilities and new ventures in the market.
Date22 November 2010
CreatorsBasar, Cengiz
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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