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An investigation of the effects of voltage and current harmonics on an electrical distribution island network

M.Ing. / With the advances in technology and the increase in industrial facilities, the harmonic content of an electrical network has always been a major concern among power system engineers. This is especially in an industrial environment, where the usage of power is very high as there are many large-scale types of equipment being used. Thus, it would be useful to know the sources, distortion level, impact on the power system and the equipment of harmonic currents on the harmonically rich electrical network. The presence of harmonics on electrical networks poses many problems to power system engineers and inconvenience or loss to the industries. Their effects on power system apparatus include resonance, reduced operating life of rotating machines and error in power calculations. For this study, the author would like to find out the implications of this issues, following these harmonic problems by analyzing, with some amount of simulations, practical measurements and assessments. In this way, a better understanding could be gained about these harmonic problems and harmonic contents. Steps could be taken to protect the power system equipment that could be affected by high harmonic currents and raise the quality of power supply.
Date26 February 2009
CreatorsModipane, Kabelo Clifford
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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