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Investigating benefits of technology management techniques within the Sasol environment : a case study

M.Ing. / This case study explores the different technology management techniques available to organisations to control and manipulate technology to improve efficiency, reliability, optimisation and productivity. The technology techniques explored in this case study include technology roadmaps, technology capability analysis and technology portfolio analysis. The theoretical framework section of this case study provides an in depth study on the different techniques and presents supporting information that must be understood to correctly and efficiently implement these techniques. The analysis section of this case study presents results to authenticate the research captured in the theoretical section. The analysis section and the conclusion of this case study provide results and benefits of implementing technology management techniques within business units of Sasol. Sasol consists of a number of different technologies with different lifecycles which are required to be controlled and maintained to ensure continuous operation. Sasol is dependent on technology for safety, continuous operation and maintenance. The outcome of this case study is to provide an organisation such as Sasol the benefits and results of implementing technology management techniques within the organisation and to justify investing in technology management tools and techniques. The technology roadmap and technology portfolio analysis was carried out for the Solvents business unit whereas the technology capability analysis was carried out for Sasol Technology control engineering group.
Date31 July 2012
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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