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'n Positiewe ingesteldheid as voorwaarde vir persoonlike leierskap

(M.Phil.) / Disposition or attitude, is the small something that can make a big difference (Haverlock, 1999:1). It is alleged that a positive attitude to life has positive results and positive results in turn lead to happiness and success. According to Jampolsky and Cirincione (1994:57,75) a negative attitude has a direct influence on a person's health and interpersonal relationships. Diseases such as migraine, diabetes, coronary disease and even cancer often relate to a person's attitude to life (Jampolsky & Cirincione, 1994:59-60). The problem investigated by this research was why people exhibit a positive or negative attitude and how a person can exercise control over his or her own life from a personal leadership perspective. The objective of the investigation was to conduct a descriptive study of the relationship between attitude or disposition and personal leadership...
Date08 August 2012
CreatorsHepburn, Amelia
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish
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