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Harmonic impedance estimation of a power system implementing frequency domain measurement techniques

M.Ing. / The increased used of non-linear loads within the power system during recent years have resulted in deviations from the perfect sinusoidal voltage and current waveform. This deviation from the perfect sinusoidal waveform can be expressed according to Fourier analysis by a set of co-sinusoidal waveforms having frequencies, which are a multiple of the fundamental frequency, referred to as harmonics. Non-linear loads are generally characterised by harmonic currents. It is therefore often preferred to express the harmonic emission limits in terms of harmonic currents rather than harmonic voltages. In order to translate the harmonic currents into harmonic voltages the harmonic impedance of the power system must be known. The power system's harmonic impedance can be assessed via computational, simulation and measurement techniques. The study will concentrate on the estimation of the harmonic impedance of a 33kV power system by implementing two online frequency domain measurement techniques. Both techniques are applied at the point of delivery of a dominant nonlinear load during normal and energisation load conditions with its power factor correction capacitor bank in and out off service. The estimated harmonic impedance is then compared with the calculated and simulated harmonic impedance.
Date13 August 2012
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
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