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Hoƫgehalte skoolbestuur ter bevordering van onderwystransformasie in Gauteng

D.Ed. / The transformation of the education system in South Africa is unavoidable due to social transformation in a newly democratised state. The newly established Gauteng Department of Education had to face challenges since 1994 to promote quality education, ownership and stability due to the fragmentation and diversity in communities and schools. In order to restore the culture of service delivering and to promote teaching and learning in schools, it is vital for schools to be provided with resources and conditions that are conducive to quality education. Trained educators and effective management of schools are equally important to ensure that learners receive the best quality education. Total quality school management provides the key to the solution, because the spiral of development, which includes constant monitoring and evaluation throughout the planning, leading and implementation cycles. Total quality school management is an integral part of delivering effective and efficient service. Total quality school management refers to the action, processes and structures necessary to ensure the delivery of highest quality of service to the clients. Total quality school management cultivates the appropriate partnerships and networks in service of the clients. In South Africa the indicators of these frameworks are invariably slanted toward issues of equity, efficiency and redress, but should largely be structured toward the improvement of service and education.
Date16 August 2012
CreatorsVan der Linde, Hendrik Hermann.
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
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