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Golwe van verandering : 'n perspektief vir die jaar 2000

M.Comm. / The people who make waves in today's business world aren't playing by yesterday's rules. They've jettisoned tradition. They've turned the old cosy business of being in business upside down and inside out. Towering corporate structures are crumbling. Middle managers are a dying breed. Successful รข bosses now lead their troops from the front. People are becoming multiskilled. Enlightened businesses make this happen. Whatever it takes. Our society, facing momentous challenges in the closing years of the twentieth century, needs visions of the future so attractive, inspiring, and compelling that people will shift from their current mind-set of focusing on immediate crises to one of eagerly anticipating the future - a future where the health and well-being of the earth and its inhabitants is secure. As we round the corner of the millennium, questions about our future loom ever larger on the horizon. The decade ahead is sure to bring more radical changes in everything from marketing to enterpreneuring, resources, demographics, lifstyles and more. Success in 2000 and beyond will mean riding the crest of this wave of change- but if we are to catch the wave before it catches us, we must see it coming. This study have adopted Alvin Toffler's concept of waves of change, to serve as the framework for the vision of business in the twenty-first century. The First Wave of change, the agricultural revolution, has essentially ended. The Second Wave, co-incidental with industrialisation, has covered much of the earth and continues to spread, while a new, postindustrial Third Wave is gathering force in the modern industrial nations. A Fourth Wave is following close upon the Third
Date05 September 2012
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
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