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On the integrity of domination in graphs.

This thesis deals with an investigation of the integrity of domination in a.graph, i.e., the extent to
which domination properties of a graph are preserved if the graph is altered by the deletion of
vertices or edges or by the insertion of new edges.
A brief historical introduction and motivation are provided in Chapter 1. Chapter 2 deals with kedge-(
domination-)critical graphs, i.e., graphsG such that )'(G) = k and )'(G+e) < k for all e E
E(G). We explore fundamental properties of such graphs and their characterization for small
values of k. Particular attention is devoted to 3-edge-critical graphs.
In Chapter 3, the changes in domination number brought aboutby vertex removal are investigated.
Parameters )'+'(G) (and "((G)), denoting the smallest number of vertices of G in a set 5 such that
)'(G-5) > )'(G) ()'(G -5) < )'(G), respectively), are investigated, as are'k-vertex-critical graphs G
(with )'(G) = k and )'(G-v) < k for all v E V(O)). The existence of smallest'domination-forcing
sets of vertices of graphs is considered.
The bondage number 'Y+'(G), i.e., the smallest number of edges of a graph G in a set F such that
)'(G- F) > )'(0), is investigated in Chapter 4, as are associated extremal graphs. Graphs with
dominating sets or domination numbers that are insensitive to the removal of an arbitrary edge are
considered, with particular reference to such graphs of minimum size.
Finally, in Chapter 5, we-discuss n-dominating setsD of a graph G (such that each vertex in G-D
is adjacent to at least n vertices in D) and associated parameters. All chapters but the first and
fourth contain a listing of unsolved problems and conjectures. / Thesis (M.Sc.)-University of Natal, 1993.
Date January 1993
CreatorsSmithdorf, Vivienne.
ContributorsSwart, Henda C.
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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