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Exploration of learner, parent, and educator experiences of chronic dermatological disorders as barrier to learning

The researcher observed that her son experienced his dermatological disorder as a barrier to learning. This personal experience made her wonder whether this might apply in the case of other learners too, and from this the aim of the research, namely to discover the extent to which dermatological disorders influence learning, was born.
A qualitative case study involving interviews and questionnaires to explore the views of learners, parents, and teachers regarding chronic dermatological disorders was used. The findings indicated that while learning is indeed influenced by chronic dermatological disorders, parents and teachers are supportive of learners with these disorders.
The following recommendations were made to overcome the learning barriers caused by chronic dermatological disorders: the forming of support groups, the use of social media and technology, inclusive education, the training of teachers in inclusive education, the implementation of educational policies relating to the health of learners, and collaboration between parents and teachers. Patience, endurance, consistent treatment, and understanding the problem are key survival techniques for learners with chronic dermatological disorders. / Psychology of Education
Date30 January 2021
CreatorsGelderbloem, Janine Erica
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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