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Factors affecting commercialization of newly developed products : a study of selected small and medium enterprises in South Africa

The research was conducted to determine what the success factors for new product
development and commercialization were for a selected sample of SMEs in South
Africa. Academic literature on success factors for New Product Development and
commercialization, as well as small and medium businesseswere reviewed. The
review of the literature provided the theoretical framework for 21 success factors
relevant to the study. These success factors were further extrapolated to 36 success
factors and used as a basis for determining South African SME relevance. The
findings were consistent with the literature review and point to several success
factors that South African SMEs deem critical to success of new product
development. In conclusion, South African SMEs confirm the importance of the
success factors as presented in the literature. The ranking by importance of these
success factors highlight the specific value that South African SMEs place on these
success factors. These need further in-depth research.
Date20 August 2012
CreatorsManaczynski, Michael
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish
Relation2011 MBL 3 Research Report;

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