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Measuring marketing performance in South Africa

Despite the growing global awareness and importance of marketing performance
measurement, little research on the subject has been conducted from a South African
perspective. This study explores the status of marketing performance measurement in
South Africa, by examining the perceptions, methods, challenges and status of
organisations with regards to the advancement of marketing performance measurement. It
researches five key problem areas, namely, the importance and awareness of marketing
performance measurement; the methods managers use to measure marketing
performance; the process these managers follow in selecting these methods; how
advanced organisations are conceptually and practically in terms of measuring marketing
performance, and finally the challenges managers face in measuring marketing
performance in South Africa.
Nine managers from eight medium to large South African firms were interviewed, ina
qualitative study that possibly explores marketing performance measurement from this
perspective, for the first time in South Africa.
Date30 November 2005
CreatorsPapageorge, Basil
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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