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Aspects as organisational buying behaviour in the South African Leather Industry (dyestuffs and chemicals)

Knowledge of the many influences that affect purchasing
preferences is important for marketers o Apart from the
technical and economic factors of importance, non- economic
factors are also significanto The latter have sociological
and psychological bases o Organisational buying behaviour
models attempt to provide a comprehensive scenario of these
factors that in combination, help to explain buyer
Sheth 0 s model of industrial buying behaviour presents many
of the factors that influence the organisational buying
process and describes the complexity of decision making o
These relationships are reflected in an integrated
frameworko Sheth's model is not intended to be definitive, it does, however, offer a framework that systematically
presents the factors that influence organisational buying
behaviouro This study shows that the Sheth ~odel of
industrial buying behaviour can be applied in the South
African leather industry, and that valuable information can
be obtained when the model is applied. / Economics / M. Com. (Business Economics)
Date06 1900
CreatorsSchmidt, Dirk Otto
ContributorsMachado, Richard
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish
Format1 online resource (xvi, 226 leaves)

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