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Paradoxes experienced by women in management within a financial services institution

Paradox is gaining pervasiveness in and around organisations thus increasing the need for an approach to its management. The aim of this study is to attempt to gain a deeper understanding into paradoxes experienced by South African women managers in a financial services institution, how they have managed these and the factors that could contribute to this. Twenty, semi-structured, in-depth interviews were conducted with senior South African women managers in a financial services institution. The feedback was analysed using a combination of narrative, content and constant comparative analysis. This study analysed four categories of paradoxes: those of structure, agency, identity and power and it was found that paradoxes of identity and paradoxes of power were the most experienced paradoxes. An additional paradox of transformation emerged from the results. In addition, the women interviewed managed the paradoxes experienced through acceptance, confrontation and transcendence. Practical suggestions for the identification and management of paradoxes as well as recommendations are offered. / Dissertation (MBA)--University of Pretoria, 2010. / Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) / unrestricted
Date23 March 2010
CreatorsFortuin, Leigh-Anne
ContributorsMs K Chipp,
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish
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