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An investigation on the expenditure and number trained by big companies in South Africa

This paper investigates the nature of company investment in training. A survey was
undertaken in 2007 of 106 large companies operating in South Africa to examine the size
of expenditure on training by these firms, the beneficiaries of the training; and investigate
firms’ attitudes towards such programmes. Both the level of firm spending, and the
proportion of payroll it amounts to are significant. The study reveals that businesses are
acutely aware of the risks of skills shortages and their role in mitigating the risks to
themselves. It also finds that investment into training and development is directly and
largely driven by a need to increase productivity, profitability, and sustainability as
companies try to proactively address a lack of skilled labour.
Date12 December 2011
CreatorsSurgey, Gavin George
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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