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South African female entrepreneurs : a profile and investigation of their risk taking propensity.

Entrepreneurial activity is a vital part of any economy whether developed or developing. In
South Africa the primary focus of the government has been on the development of previously
disadvantaged communities and designing programs to encourage the participation of women
in entrepreneurship. This study sought to profile South African female entrepreneurs as well
as investigate their risk taking propensity in relation to other constructs. T-tests as well as
ANOVAs were conducted on data obtained from 122 female entrepreneurs across South
Africa. The results indicated that the female entrepreneurs in the current study were typically
white, English speaking, married with children, were well educated and possessed previous
working experience mainly in managerial positions. The results also indicated a significant
difference in risk taking propensity according to age with entrepreneurs who are 35 years and
younger having a higher risk taking propensity than those who are 36 years and older.
However, no significant differences were found in risk taking according to entrepreneurial
motivations, gender role orientation, level of education and previous experience. The
practical implications of the study are discussed together with the limitations.
Date02 July 2012
CreatorsSibanyoni, Khanyisile
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish
Formatapplication/pdf, application/pdf

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