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Investigating the software artwork creation process from an Agile perspective.

The software artwork creation process is investigated using interviews with the artists,
Brogan Bunt, Pierre Proske, Nathaniel Stern, Joshua Goldberg and Pall Thayer. This
research asks the questions: How do practising software artist experience their
development process? How does this process compare with the Agile software
development process? How can conclusions made from a comparison between the Agile
process and the discussions held with practising software artists shed light on the areas
where the Agile process can assist artists and areas which might be avoided? The
creative process was investigated from a cognitive psychological angle. The software
development process was investigated from an Agile process point of view. Concepts
connected with software as art medium provides the themes that face artists who choose
software as medium. This study illuminates aspects of the Agile process that may assist
software artists as well as highlight areas of the process that may disrupt the creative
process. A process that is iterative, allows different cognitive styles and supports
collaboration is recommended. Tools such as source code control and exploratory testing
can support artwork documentation and exploration of the medium. The practical
component of this research relates to the philosophical themes of the underlying
software visibility in software art and a visual interpretation of the software
development process.
Date14 January 2013
CreatorsGrotepass, Maria
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish
Formatapplication/pdf, application/pdf

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