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A general solution to optimising the DC-bus energy storage requirements in single phase inverers

Thesis is submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Engineering to the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg 2018 / Power electronic converters that convert DC to AC, or vice versa, require an energy buffer between the AC and DC ports of the converter to compensate for the instantaneous power mismatch. Electrolytic capacitors are mostly used for these buffering applications because of the high energy density when compared to other capacitors, but unfortunately this type of capacitor also has low reliability. This dissertation proposes a general solution from a fundamental approach to solve the required capacitor power requirements on the DC-bus of an inverter. From the resulting model, an alternative active filter design technique to reduce the required capacitance of the DC-bus capacitor of a single phase inverter is presented. In this model, the minimum and maximum voltages of the capacitor can be chosen and the corresponding waveforms are calculated. An optimum region for the choice of capacitor voltage is shown to visually illustrate the trade-offs between the capacitor voltage, capacitance and converter losses. In this optimum area the reduction in capacitance is enough to allow the elimination of electrolytic capacitors, while maintaining comparable volume.
In this technique, the DC-bus capacitor is decoupled from the DC-bus to allow wide voltage variation and the power processed by the capacitor is directly controlled, instead of the bus voltage. The allowable voltage variation of the capacitor can also be selected to fit the application or traded off in favour of capacitance as chosen by the designer. This general solution is applicable to any bi-directional converter used to decouple the capacitor from the DC-Bus / XL2018
Date January 2018
CreatorsDu Toit, Francois Paulus
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish
FormatOnline resource (103 leaves), application/pdf

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