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Lightning protection of thatched roofed structures

This work describes the design of external lightning protection system for thatched
roofed structures. Lightning is a natural phenomenon that has an unpredictable strike
location. Therefore in creating an external LPS, it is possible to create a path for the
discharge that minimizes its harmful effects to a structure. There are many international
documents and standards that describe methods of providing lightning protection. It has
traditionally been accepted practice to install lightning protection masts near a thatched
structure. However in solving one problem a number of others may have been created.
This work explores alternative lightning protection designs for thatched roofed structures.
Tests were performed in a laboratory environment to determine the level at which that
will ignite from a direct strike to thatch material. These tests were performed using a
combination impulse generator. It was found that thatch started to smoke at 10 kA. And
ignition of the thatch occurred at 20 kA with a charge of 45 C.
Date08 January 2009
CreatorsChachaia, Fernando Hausse
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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