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Unauthorized Absenteeism in the United States Marine Corps

This research looked at absenteeism on a Corps-wide basis to determine the extent of recidivism and man-days lost to the Marine Corps as a result of unauthorized absenteeism. The personnel records for absentees contained in the Marine Corps' Transaction Retrieval System files were analyzed using computer programming. It was found that there were 60,120 incidents of unauthorized absence (UA) reported during the Calendar Year 1974. This number includes a count of 6,799 incidents which were for a period of less than 24 hours and 12,393 incidents of desertion. The recidivism rate was found to be approximately 40.5 percent with 13,966 Marines as repeat offenders who were responsible for 39,630 incidents of UA. The Marine Corps also lost 2,230,033 man-days of service as a direct result of unauthorized absenteeism initiated during 1974. In addition, demographic factors were examined, in a preliminary way, for their possible relationship to absenteeism.
Date06 1900
CreatorsJenkins, D.J.
ContributorsElster, Richard S., McGonigal, Richard A., Operations Research and Administrative Sciences
PublisherMonterey, California : Naval Postgraduate School.
Source SetsNaval Postgraduate School
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