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Modeling and performance analysis of cellular CDMA Channel with rake receiver

In this thesis, we established a cellular CDMA reverse channel model, which incorporates a time-invariant discrete multipath Nakagami-fading channel in a multiple-cell system. The effects of intra and inter-cell interference, perfect power control, lognormal shadowing and RAKE receiver with varying number of taps are investigated. For performance improvement forward error correction and smart antenna techniques are incorporated into the model. Expressions for probability of bit error are developed under a range of operating conditions and the model is tested using Monte Carlo Simulation. / Turkish Army author
Date09 1900
CreatorsUgural, Suleyman Sadi
ContributorsHa, Tri T., Tighe, Jan E., Electrical Engineering
PublisherMonterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School
Source SetsNaval Postgraduate School
Detected LanguageEnglish
Formatxviii, 79 p. ;, application/pdf
RightsThis publication is a work of the U.S. Government as defined in Title 17, United States Code, Section 101. As such, it is in the public domain, and under the provisions of Title 17, United States Code, Section 105, may not be copyrighted.

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