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Porovnání nástrojů pro Data Discovery / Data Discovery Tools Comparison

Diploma thesis focuses on Data Discovery tools, which have been growing in im-portance in the Business Intelligence (BI) field during the last few years. Increasing number of companies of all sizes tend to include them in their BI environments. The main goal of this thesis is to compare QlikView, Tableau and PowerPivot using a defined set of criteria. The comparison is based on development of human resources report, which was modeled on a real life banking sector business case. The main goal is supported by a number of minor goals, namely: analysis of existing comparisons, definition of a new set of criteria, basic description of the compared platforms, and documentation of the case study. The text can be divided into two major parts. The theoretical part describes elemental BI architecture, discusses In-memory databases and data visualisation in context of a BI solution, and analyses existing comparisons of Data Discovery tools and BI platforms in general. Eight different comparisons are analysed in total, including reports of consulting companies and diploma theses. The applied part of the thesis builds upon the previous analysis and defines comparison criteria divided into five groups: Data import, transformation and storage; Data analysis and presentation; Operations criteria; User friendliness and support; Business criteria. The subsequent chapter describes the selected platforms, their brief history, component architecture, available editions and licensing. Case study chapter documents development of the report in each of the platforms and pinpoints their pros and cons. The final chapter applies the defined set of criteria and uses it to compare the selected Data Discovery platforms to fulfil the main goal of this thesis. The results are presented both numerically, utilising the weighted sum model, and verbally. The contribution of the thesis lies in the transparent confrontation of three Data Discovery tools, in the definition of a new set of comparison criteria, and in the documentation of the practical testing. The thesis offers an indirect answer to the question: "Which analytical tool should we use to supplement our existing BI solution?"
Date January 2012
CreatorsKopecký, Martin
ContributorsNovotný, Ota, Maryška, Miloš
PublisherVysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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