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Self-service BI a PowerPivot / Self-service BI a PowerPivot

This thesis deals with the extension of Office application Microsoft Excel -- PowerPivot program. First, the thesis focuses on the topic of the actual Business Intelligence (BI) and compares the classical BI approach and self-service BI approach. In the first part are dis-cussed current trends in BI. The second and main part is focused to the PowerPivot. Grad-ually are mentioned benefits and news in PowerPivot on the examples compared to classical analysis in Excel. In the initial description of the features are also instructions for installing the program and its news in version 2013. An important chapter is focused to the DAX expressions and all the calculations that can be implemented in PowerPivot. Separate chapters are devoted to data import and connection with MS SharePoint Server. As an ex-ample, is introduced the calculation of the ABC analysis to classify products, used mainly in logistics. The last part deals with implementation of applications in PowerPivot for MBI model (Management of Business Informatics).
Date January 2013
CreatorsČerný, Ondřej
ContributorsPour, Jan, Horčička, Jiří
PublisherVysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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