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Přesnost měření pomocí zařízení pro sběr dat pro GIS s možným využitím v pozemkových úpravách / Accuracy of measurement using devices for data collection for GIS with the possible use in land consolidation

The aim of my thesis was describe a clear form to present the possibilities of facilities for the collection of GIS data for the possible use in land consolidation. My purpose was to accurately determine what the potential cost of purchase and processing of data and how accurately we are able to process this data. Next I have dealt with quality data that we can get from organizations that work with data. I also dealt with the design of land consolidation method using a digital terrain model (DTM). This method could bring a lot of innovation in solving problems in land consolidation in the future
Date January 2013
CreatorsCIMBALA, Michal
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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