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Vizualizace stavu sítě / Network status visualization

The purpose of this diploma thesis is to provide a complex overview for the network status visualization topic. The diploma thesis is structured into four parts. The first one is dedicated to the definition of the most important terms, together with the description of several visualization methods, network metrics and last but not least to the discussion of visualization risks and benefits. In the second part, an own visualization process is at first proposed and then the particular steps of this process are discussed. Easy to understand examples are applied through this part. In the third part, several method of data collection protocols and visualization tools are briefly described. The analyzed tools are graphic libraries, as well as standalone applications and Network Management Systems. The last part is dedicated to the analysis of the current visualization tools used on the VŠE network. A short analysis of the university's network is also made. According to this analysis, an own solution is proposed for a particular part of network.
Date January 2009
CreatorsHejna, Martin
ContributorsPavlíček, Luboš, Beneš, Jiří
PublisherVysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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