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Aplikace dashboardů v oblasti podpory řízení IT / Application of dashboards in the area of support of IT management

This diploma thesis is focused on the issue of IT management in the companies, which is described in the MBI (Management of Business Informatics) model, at all levels of IT management in the way how they are defined and used by MBI. The main goal of this diploma thesis is design and create (new/modified) content in the area of IT management in the MBI model for broader usage of this model in the company sphere. The main goal is fulfilled by fulfilling of two sub-goals. Firstly, it is designing and creating new metrics, dimensions and applications or modification (extension) of already existing content in MBI model. Secondly, it is implementation of new or (selected) modified content with Microsoft PowerPivot into the form of interactive applications and then into the dashboards composed from them. The structure of this diploma thesis is adjusted to make those sub-goals achievable. The structure is divided into theoretical and practical section containing together six main parts. Firstly, the two most widely used methodologies of IT management and mainly MBI model are described. Then the definitions of metric (as a main instrument, which is used in IT management) and its attributes are described. Following section contains definition of dashboards and basic description about their designing and creating. In the last part of the theoretical section are described metrics, dimensions, applications and their connections in the MBI model. First part of practical section is about designing and creating of new metrics, dimensions and applications or modifying of already existing content. The last part of this thesis contains implementation of a new or (selected) modified content into applications or dashboards. Main benefit of this diploma thesis is enrichment of existing content in the MBI model in IT management (specifically in the metrics, the dimensions, the applications and the dashboards based on those three things), which improved usability of the MBI in practical usage. Thanks to this extended content, the users or mainly the management employees can react in better way on the potential problems, have better overview about level of quality of the IT resources, can manage the employees in better way and can coordinate quality and quantity of the IT outputs in better way in general.
Date January 2015
CreatorsSakař, Václav
ContributorsPour, Jan, Šedivá, Zuzana
PublisherVysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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