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Možnosti využití otevřených dat pro Competitive Intelligence / Possibilities of using open data for Competitive Intelligence

The diploma thesis addresses the issue of open data in relation to the scientific field of Competitive Intelligence. The focus is primarily on assessing the impact of open data in connection with the corporate sector and the number of obstacles that arise when obtaining data made accessible by the public sector. The main objective of the work is to provide the reader with clear information about the level of development of the public sector and the perception of openness by the corporate environment on a national and international scale, and the positive and negative impacts that accompany the process of opening the data. This, therefore, helps to acquire complex knowledge of the development and current level of the open data initiative. The objective was achieved by exploring the environment and conducting a survey in the corporate segment of small and medium-size companies engaged in software development, which via the applications they created, became notional propagators of the idea of public sector openness among ordinary citizens. Researched and obtained information, along with the conducted survey and questionnaire, as well as an analysis of the PESTLE environment - thus resulting in discovering the circumstances that influence the development of the issue of open data in the public sector and the possibility of their use by the private sector - provide the major contribution to this thesis. The first part of this thesis deals with the basic terms and principles of the examined sector, including a detailed description of various frameworks and the mutual relationships between the terms. The following part adds some information from the legislative environment on a national scale and outlines the issue of open licenses and the relations between them. The next part of this diploma thesis offers a closer look into the field of open data, principles of disclosure, life-cycle, benefits and the risks that accompany this initiative. Finally, to make the thesis complete, a few examples were added. The final part of the thesis includes a discussion on the impact of open data on the corporate sector in relation to the CI sector and an analysis of the attitudes of the corporate sector towards the level of openness of the public sector by conducting a questionnaire survey. The result of the analysis includes the findings on the attitudes, conditions and needs of the corporate sector towards the public sector in regard to access to open agendas. The data obtained can, for example, be used as supporting material for further investigation.
Date January 2015
CreatorsKolinger, Martin
ContributorsMolnár, Zdeněk, Chlapek, Dušan
PublisherVysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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