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Sportovní centrum Krumlov / Sporting centre Krumlov

The dissertation is composed on theme OF THE SPORTS CENTRE KRUMLOV. In this three-storey building, there is the squash hall, table tennis, fitness hall, sauna for 6 persons and a café. In the garden that belongs to the building, there is projected a course for minigolf, playground for pétanque and tennis court. Constructional system is projected from lime-sand bricks, concrete beam ceilings and glued wooden beams. The roof is flat. External surface finish of the building is the ventilated facade.
Date January 2013
CreatorsŠtindlová, Tereza
ContributorsKavan, Kamil, Fišarová, Zuzana
PublisherVysoké učení technické v Brně. Fakulta stavební
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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