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Výběr optimálního způsobu vytápění pro potřeby obecního úřadu / Choice of the optimal heating system for particular municipal office

The current trends in sources of heat designed for heating the houses are influenced by the consequences, that interfere in the decision making process from the professional point of view (the advisory activity by the expert) as well as from non-professional point of view (the owner or the operator of the house, usually represented by one person).
The aim of this thesis is to find the optimal method, that is supposed to secure disinterested decision making, that will be minimally influenced by the subjective experience, customs and also by the advice given by the friends of the decision maker. The thesis concerns the town hall, that will be insulated in the future. Therefore it is eligible to propose to change the heating source, as the current one will be redundant, once the insulation is done. Using the old heating system would be uneconomical. The current heating source is the gas boiler JUNKERS CERAPUR. The energy (heat) loss of the town hall building will be lowered by 50 % once the insulation is done.
Date January 2016
CreatorsMarcellová, Miluše
ContributorsHouška, Milan, Martin, Martin
PublisherČeská zemědělská univerzita v Praze
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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