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Zločiny komunismu: "Pracovní tábory u uranových dolů na Jáchymovsku a Příbramsku v 50. letech 20. století" / Crimes of Communism: "Work camps at urnium mines in Jachymov and Pribram in 50 Between the 20th century"

Crimes of Communism: "Forced labor camps at uranium mines in Jachymov and Pribram in Fifties of the 20th century " In this thesis, I tried to submit, if possible, factually true and correct image of a politically and legally difficult period in our postwar history. Communist revolution in February 1948 started the socialist reconstruction of our society with all the attendant phenomena of rising totalitarian power. Persecution of political opponents and their re-education and forced labor work in uranium mines in Jachymov and Pribram is a really sad reality of our recent history of the fifties of the last century. In retrospect, absurd crimes these prisoners and incredibly inhumane prison conditions and rules of inconvenient people in forced labor camps only show monstrosity of Communist ideology and are proof of loathing practices then representatives of the ruling party. Overview of forced labor camps, the operation of the communist judiciary, the number of incarcerated people, and unfortunately, the numbers who stay in the camps and work in uranium mines have not survived are so by drawing on what the historical stage brought our ancestors and what must remain unforgotten.
Date January 2012
CreatorsLukáš, Jiří
ContributorsKuklík, Jan, Skřejpková, Petra
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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